Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nursery Update

It has been a pretty neat experience, transforming an ordinary room in to a nursery! Yes that's right, a nursery for our little boy Nathan. Just the sound of that, sends chills up my spine. This room will not just be a spare bedroom, but instead it will be Nathan's room! 

We are still pretty far from finishing everything. We still need most of the furniture but we have gotten a lot of the little things.

It can be a little overwhelming for mama. Her nesting instinct has been kicking in, and with that, is not only the desire to have everything clean, but the desire to see Nathan's nursery complete. 

We (ME) have not begun to panic...yet. Samantha's baby shower is coming up soon, and many people have already told us they plan to get us things for the baby. Each time we hear someone say that it makes us feel really grateful and blessed. God has placed some wonderful people in our lives.

Over and over God has proven to us, that if we "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33" that He will provide our needs. (as one preacher put it, "our needs, not our greeds!)

Turning a Grey Room, Blue!

Mom Leeder and I decided to tackle this project head on!

Being daddy, and Mom Leeder being grandma, we were drafted to this project, by "General Mama!" She said it was our duty! All kidding aside it was a lot of work, but a lot of fun at the same time. It gave Mom Leeder and I time to bond and talk. :-)

Here we go! Opening the Paint

Sweet Baby Boy

No turing back now!

Mom Leeder , was a great help! She painted all the base boards and all the trim that she could reach. Couldn't of done it without you!

We tried to keep Mama out of the room, but "General Mama" keep trying to inspect our work, so I pulled out my respirator so she could peak in and not worry about the fumes.

Can't let Mama and Baby smell the fumes!

Painting Complete!

The original trim for this closet was black and the doors were  an off white

Friday, May 11, 2012

6 Months and Counting!

We are just about ready to cross over into the third trimester and it has been a whirlwind of emotions.
Fear of bringing a little one into the world and all the responsibility that goes with it. Humility, in that God would allow us to care for this precious, eternal soul. Excitement that we are going to have a precious baby to love!

The delicious glucose test ;-)
Part of being this far along in the pregnancy is, having to do the diabetes/anemia test. Along with having to gulp down a bottle of a super sweet, cola in less than five minutes. Then having to give blood three times in 2 hours. Not too pleasant :-)

It was tough for Samantha, to have to give blood, that many times is such a short period, especially because some of the phlebotomist have a hard time getting to her viens. She almost always walks away with a bruising. But she passed the test!  

New baby pictures
Karate Kick!

Baby Nathan likes to let mama know he's still there!

My cute little fist!
We have been praying for our little Nathan and specifically for his kidneys. About a month ago we had an ultrasound that revealed that one of his kidneys was enlarged and had the possibility of being filled with cysts. The worst case scenario would be that that the damaged kidney would eventually die off and dissolve, leaving him to be born with only one kidney. 

The other diagnosis the doctors gave us was that there was a possibility that  Nathan's kidney had a "kink" in the part that drains into the bladder. Because of the potential "kink" it could be the cause of why the kidney was so enlarged.  The worst case scenario for this diagnosis was that  after birth Nathan would have to have surgery to repair the "kink" so his kidney would function correctly.  In both cases we were told not to worry and that it even though it sounded scary it was no need to worry or panic just yet.

While at this appointment we found out that the kidney's seemed perfectly fine. We had been praying that Nathan's kidneys would resolve its issues all on its own and IT DID!!

We know that God is in control, and he does all things well, and if God chose not to heal Nathan we were ready and at peace with that. However we know that God delights in hearing the prayers of His children and loves for us to take our needs to Him. 

We believe in the Great Physician, and believe that God still does miracles! 

God is so good! Continue to pray for his healthy arrival!

Getting our custom diaper bag!

A couple of weeks ago Samantha saw a website that had a diaper bag that she liked. We looked and looked at Baby's R Us for a diaper bag that she liked but she could not find one, that was "the one". So rather than have her suffer the anguish of having to tote around a bag that she didn't "love", her loving husband decided to order her "the one". I must admit it is really pretty. They quality is very nice and the  monograming was perfect!

Today it finally arrived! Can you see the excitement on Samantha's face?

Part of the great deal was to have it monogramed for FREE (up to ten spaces and Nathan name fit perfect!). The free part was music to my ears! ;-)
The inside of the bag is pretty cute, it has plenty of pockets and has a matching changing pad.

The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.
Proverbs 10:22