Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Heartland Baptist Bible College - Home Missions Conference

Heartland Baptist Bible College, Church planting and Home Missions Conference.

This past week I was privileged enough to be able to travel to Oklahoma City, to attend the Church Planting and Home Missions Conference. This is by far one of the most exciting meetings. It is truly amazing how much money is donated to help missionaries and church planters.

From the very start you can feel the presence of God. There is a very unselfish atmosphere, as hundreds of Pastors or church representatives, and individuals, sacrificially give to meet the needs of those who presented.

An added blessing is the music!

A special guest that you may or may not know was the blue grass band Southern Raised. I first heard of them from the show, 19 kids and counting. One of the Bates boys (Zach) is courting one of the ladies (Sarah) in the group.

The Wednesday night services were held at Southwest Baptist Church. The preaching here was powerful.

Hoboken is where the Cake Boss is filmed

For some reason there were thousands of black birds about a block from our hotel. They would be gone in the morning and reappear in the night.
The Gator Place - Trappers
One night we were driving around and looking for a place to eat, and we came across Trappers. It looked pretty interesting so we decided to stop.

I got a place of pop corn shrimp. While Bro Abel ordered some real genuine Alligator. It was pretty good stuff.
This is Alligator, its not too bad, tastes like chicken... 

The Large Cross, outside of Amarillo Texas

One of the "must see" stops along the way, is this huge cross, located just outside of Amarillo Texas. It can be seen from miles away. It was created by some catholics and has a lot of their doctrine throughout.

There is a life size "station of the cross" all around the cross.

Some other places we stopped

The Jesus IS Lord Truckstop, in Amarillo

A must stop if you are driving through Amarillo, is the Jesus is Lord Travel Center. It is very much in a lot of ways a typical gas station/truck stop. But it is very different also.

All over this place there are scriptures and Bible references. This was truly refreshing. I will proudly support this establishment!

Many of the Psalms, in the widows.

This is something you hardly ever see.

"In the Lord Jesus Christ we trust, everyone else must pre-pay."

We were able to leave some "Drama at the Cross" books here for  people to take for free

This is a good verse for the soda section!

All in all it was a great time, But the whole time I was there, it felt like something was missing! MY WIFE! 

Unfortunately Samantha was not able to make it this time around, but I hope to take her with me next time! It will so much more fun to have my family with me!