Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trust and Obey

I (Adam) am not much of a singer, in fact it has been over 4 years since I sang a special. So when I saw that my name appeared on the schedule along with Samantha, fear and trembling set in. :-)

Now dont get me wrong, its not that I dont like to sing, but I just figured I would leave the singing to those with better voices.

Normally its Samantha that sings, not me. She has sung specials pretty much all of her saved life. God has really blessed her with a beautiful voice.

However when you work in the teen minisry, you find out very fast that you have to sing your heart out just to get the teens to sing along. If you want the kids to sing on a bus route you have to be the one to get them started, and you have to be willing to sing alone if need be. If you want kids to sing in a Sunday School class you have to sing with passion and excitement and again if need be you have to be willing to sing alone.

Most teens have a hard time singing hymns, mostly because they think that singing is not "cool". Added to the fact that they are already shy and embarrassed about their looks or persoanlity, and really dont want to draw attention to themseleves.

But if you can get a youth group sining good God honoring songs then you can have a youth group that is on fire for God. When the youth of a church get on fire for God almost always the church has revival.


  1. You guys did great! So cute to see you all singing together. Hope you had a great Chirstmas, & praying I get the chance to see you all again soon.

  2. I always enjoy when couples sing together. You both sing lovely. You are right Samantha has a beautiful singing voice.

    Happy New Year!!!!!1

  3. Thank you for posting this blog, I needed to hear this song tonight. It's been a rough day and I just needed that song :)

    God bless