Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3D Ultra Sound

It is pretty amazing how clear this 3-D technology is.

Samantha and baby Nathan have made it to the final countdown. Normally at our ultrasounds Nathan has been very good at playing hide and seek. He seems to know when the doctors are trying to get pictures. And just when they think they got him, he shifts around... I think he takes after his daddy!

However, this past week we were able to get a really good shot of his face. It was so exciting. 

I cant believe this little guy is ours! 

Seeing these images, made us go from ready for Nathan, to REALLY READY for Nathan. :-)

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Thank you Nathan for the sneak peak. We are really excited to meet you!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Shower!

Thanks to Mom Leeder for the Daddy survival basket!

Mom Leeder and Sara Leeder had a wonderful surprise in store for Samantha. They flew out Samantha's maid of honor, so she could be apart of this wonderful day. 

In the video, Samantha was told to come over right away, and when she did, everyone had their phones or cameras out. Meanwhile Bethany was hiding behind a bunch of balloons. 

It didn't take Samantha long to figure out who was hiding behind all those
balloons. What a great surprise!

This way to the party!
Picking up the balloons

Uncle Jeff, helping out with some last minute details

Sara, excited about the melted candy game!

Shhh. Daddy stole a plate of food...

"Ready to POP" popcorn bags
Styrofoam cup baby booties! 

Doesn't Mamaw look happy? We love you!

Andrea made a bear riding a motorcycle, out of dipers and a baby bottle!

Andrea and Hannah

Opening up the gifts

Girls from my Sunday School class playing the baby bottle game

Guess how many diapers are in the basket.

My mom, with Samantha!

Samantha and her mom worked really hard on all the decorations. I think they came out great! Special thanks to the girls who came out the night before to set up the decorations.

We want to thank everyone who attended, sent gifts or helped out in anyway. Just knowing you will be praying for Nathan was more than enough. It was very humbling to know how many people already love little Nathan.

With each new stage in our life we are continually reminded of how many wonderful people God has placed in our lives. God has been so good to us.