Saturday, February 11, 2012

Who's Ready for A Baby? WE ARE!

We would like to introduce baby Sandoval.

Yup! We have been holding on to the news that we are expecting a baby. The expected due date is August 20th.

After the miscarriage of our first little one, we were very reluctant to make a public announcement. It was pretty hard to have different  people who hadn't heard, say "How the baby doing?" A simple innocent question, that brought back painful memories. 

So this time around, we have waited till the 2nd trimester. We wanted to be a little more "out of the woods" before we told too many people. Of course our parents and immediate family knew, but for the most part we kept it to ourselves. Although we did put it on the prayer list as an "Unspoken Request". ;-)

We would also ask that you would pray for our little baby as it continues to grow. Pray that every aspect of this pregnancy will go smoothly.  As for Samantha she is still experiencing some morning sickness, but we hope it to subside soon.

We know that God is in control of everything, and we have put both our trust and confidence in His omnipotence and omniscience. Knowing that He does ALL things well!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

John and Wanda Casias - Graduated to Heaven

In a recent, shocking set of circumstances a missionary couple that were very close to Samantha and I as well as our home church were murdered on the mission field. The details are still coming in. But one thing we know is that Mexico lost some amazing warriors for Christ, and Heaven gained some faithful warriors.

Our prayers go out to their family. Brother John would always say, "I am safer in the Mexico in the Perfect will of God, than back home out of the will of God." We know that God is in control and that God does all things well and perfect. One thing is for sure they are walking on streets of gold!

Please pray for the Salvation of who ever is responsible for this, we know that is what John and Wanda would want. They loved souls, and they loved their people in Mexico. Please pray for souls to saved as a result.

Some of the best memories we have of Bro John and Wanda were at Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Ranch. Dr. James Wilkins was having a discipleship camp and they were able to make it.

While they were there, Mrs Casias wanted to try out the Gyro. The following pictures are her.,0,4207061.story