Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baby Registry

One of greatest joys in our journey of life has been finding out we are going to have a baby, and with that comes the joy of filling out our baby registry. It was fun to register for our wedding, but it was really fun to register for our baby.

Prior to this time, I had never been in a Baby's R Us. Toys R Us is a different story, but never Babies R Us.  So with that said, I had no idea how much stuff was in there! 

And I must say there was some pretty interesting products. Lets just say I learned a lot!

We wanted to make sure we didn't miss anything so we went up and down every row, scanning all the things we thought we might need.
Earlier in the day I had mentioned to my brother that Samantha and I would be at Babies R Us to register for our baby. I explained that we would most-likey be there a long time, so I would call him when we were done so we could meet up for lunch.

Well as circumstances and (his) personality would have it, Alex showed up right as we were getting started. Now you have to know something about Alex, he like me, had very little experience with babies. So I knew for him to come into this store as un unmarried man would be about as exciting as a lady going into a tool store.

Alex has a way of making things fun, he is very witty and had us cracking up with all of his jokes and comments. But really there is only so much a single guy can take...

It wasn't long before his energy was depleted, and he was sitting on a bench "resting". I knew that he was ready to go, but was being a good sport and waiting for us.

Well Alex finally decided that if was going to endure this he was going to need a caffeinated energy drink. So off he went...And came back with a 3-D Blueray disk.

Meanwhile Samantha and I were having a blast day-dreaming of our little boy and how he would be using all the things we were seeing in the store.

It was fun to look at running strollers, and imagine pushing little Nathan in a race. If was fun to look and little baby robes and imagine giving him his first bath. Or imagining decorating his nursery.

We really did have a lot of fun, so much so we forgot to take many pictures, but we did get a few.
A little goodie bag they gave us

This was our scanner. I got to do all the scanning!

At the end of the day we all felt like this, P.S. I think daddy found a chair he liked!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Hollywood Half-Marathon Complete

Hollywood Half-Marathon!

This is the Finishers Medal
13.1 Miles!

There are few things more fulfilling than working toward a goal, and then seeing the realization of that goal.

Dad Alex, Mom Leeder and I all finished!
Running hard to the finish line

Running through Universal Studios City Walk

2 Mile Hill

Early morning, before the race

Warning this video was recorded while running so its not the best quality. It is sometimes very shaky.

Saying "I Love you" to Samantha
Dad Alex, Running Strong

Mom Leeder, Finish Line

Sweet Victory

The Pace Cars

Medieval Times

After all the months of training and eating healthy it was time to feast! What better place than Medieval Times.

Special Birthday Wish for Papaw at 7:51

Video Coming Soon

Disney Land

Time for some Resting and Relaxation!

So whats next? Hint.....