Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome Home...Life Will Neve Be The Same!


The words "Everything is good, you and your baby are being discharged..."I will never forget the feeling of walking down to the car to get the car seat. A car-seat that had rode around in our car for a couple of months, (just in case of an early delivery!) I couldn't believe it, things would never be the same again in our lives. We were officially parents, for the rest of our lives!

With baby all buckled in, daddy and about a bunch flowers and balloons made their way down to the car, meanwhile mama and baby Nathan were being escorted down to the pick up zone at the front door.

I remember snapping the car-seat in, something I had done a few times, but this time was totally different, there was a baby in it! Our baby!

Getting him all buckled in!

Look how tiny he is!
Off we went, our little family on its first road trip. We safely arrived at home, and the peace of God swept over us. Welcome home family.

"I'm ready to go!"

Curb side service

Happy mama ready to go home!

Taking him in for the first time!
We showed Nathan around. He got to see our house for the first time. A house he had lived in for the past 9 months, but this time he got to see it.  After the tour, we placed him in his little bassinet.

And an exhausted but excited mommy and daddy settled in for a nice little nap!

"Shhh, I am safe at home in my little bed...good night everyone!"
Life will never be the same! And thank God for that!

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