Thursday, January 24, 2013

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend!!

This past week our family was able to participate in the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. On this trip we got to experience so many firsts.

Nathan's First plane ride
It didn't take him long to make himself at home

Disney Art of Animation

This was my first time to stay at an actual Disney resort, and I can say it was pretty cool. We were blessed to stay in a Family Suite.

This particular resort has four themes  Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Cars, and the Little Mermaid. Each section of the resort is broken up into a wonderful world, where you are emersed in the land of the Characters.
This is one of the newest resorts so everything was still really nice. If you are staying at a resort they provide free shuttles to just about everything in Disney World

Awesome headboard

Awesome headboard #2
This was the entrance to our section of the hotel!

Bonnet Creek
After a couple of days at Disney's Art of Animation resort we were able to check into our condo.

Coming from a Disney resort, my expectations were uncertain, but once we got here I was blown away!

From the resort, amenities and room it was awesome! All it took was one look at our room and then a peak off our balcony and I knew that this was going to be a great place to stay! (See our videos below)

Nathan had lots of fun swimming!

Nathan's First time in the pool!

Strait ahead to tower 6!

Nathan First Tooth
What a surprise this was! All of the sudden there they were. He had been teething for some time.  Then one day I was playing with him on the bed in our room, and I looked at him and said "Wait a minute, what are those white things on your gums!"

Sure enough one tiny tooth had poped up, in the next couple of days, one tooth can turned into two teeth!

If you look real close you can see two tiny teeth on his lower gums!
Remembering when he got his teeth should be easy because it was on his 5 month birthday.

They might not look like much in this picture but you should seem them now!

Family 5K - Samantha's First Race
Dad-Leeder, Roddy and Samantha are all ready for their race!

Who is that in the red? Why its my amazing wife! 

Finish Line!

Showing off their medallions

Pretty Sweet!

Half-Marathon - 13.1 Miles

Anytime you run a race, let alone a big race, it can be scary. I was so impressed with how mom-Leeder handled running this race all by her self. She did so great she even got a Personal Best, and finished with style!

I know that it wont be long before she is able, if she wants to to run a full marathon!
Looking like a pro, with her second Half-Marathon done!

13.1 Done and Done! (Miles that is!)

Marathon - 26.2 Miles
Boy-oh-boy was it hot and humid!

I love my wife! I cant stress how much of an encouragement it was to see her  at different spots along the course!

Here is my medal, its official 26.2 miles done!
I was able to run and have fun too!
Look who was waiting for me at the finish! If you look real close you can see him telling me to run the "Goofy Race and a Half" next year!  :-)

After All That Hard Work 
We Deserve Some Downtime!
Nathan's first time to a Disney Park!

Nathan getting on his FIRST ride!

I think he had fun!
I love my family!

Nathan is a amusement park pro!

"I got my Mickey Ears!"
Samantha making her acting debut as "The Captain" at Disney's Hollywood Studios (Samantha's part is at the 4:00 mark)
Nathan took on Dumbo!

We are really thankful for how much the Lord has allowed us to do and everything he has done for us. None of this would be possible without our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We will never take for granted any part of it. We are all truly humbled by the goodness of our amazing God. 

Lord help us to never take for granted family, and the memories we make together.

It is true, we are not of this world, yet we are very privileged to be able to represent Christ everywhere we go. If you were in Disney World this week, maybe you saw a tract, or had the opportunity to hear the message of Salvation from someone in our family. Our challenge is this, make Christianity a way of life, let it impact everything you do. And let it be said that when you left, you impacted this world for the cause of Christ!

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
I Cor. 10:31

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